My Reading Style

I first discovered the tarot with one of my best friends, Molly. At the time we were both students, over-burdened with work and, as young, black women, felt underappreciated for everything we contributed to the various causes, activities, and projects we were involved in. When we found an old deck at her house one weekend, we spent hours deciphering the deck and reading each other’s Celtic Cross.  That evening, we gave each other the time and space we had long needed to reflect on our busy lives and our neglected emotional needs.

Since then, I’ve read for people whenever and wherever I can. I believe that love is the act of giving space and seeking to understand, and so reading the cards, for me, is a deeply fulfilling practice, full of love. It brings me enormous joy to share the cards with people who are trying to work out the world and their place in it.

The title I’ve chosen for this page, “Lena Ìfé,” combines two of my many given names. The English name Lena means bright, and in Yoruba (my family’s Nigerian tribe) Ìfé means love. I believe that the tarot can help us find within ourselves bright love: in other words, an enlightened understanding of our experiences that leads to unconditional self love.

All tarot cards contain universal, meaningful lessons about the human experience. At each point in our lives, some cards will resonate more deeply than others. I do not believe the tarot can predict the future. I believe it can help us settle more deeply into the present, and provide us with the self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and self-confidence we need to manifest the futures we desire.

Why Ask the Cards?

There are so many things I could say about the tarot, my relationship with it, why we need the cards. With so much in the world today that threatens our inherent inter-connectedness, we need to learn to be open to love and mutual understanding. Tarot and other spiritual practices help us to be unconditionally accepting of ourselves and others. They help us develop profound understanding, and I firmly believe that understanding is love.

If we are fighting for our rights, we need to recharge. If we are too busy to sit with ourselves and quietly observe our breath, taking stock of our lived experience, we need to take the time to reconnect. Whether or not we believe the cards connect with a divine being of any sort, we can benefit from the introspective wisdom the tarot’s tradition contains.

This site aims to introduce you to that wisdom. Read your taroscope, book a reading, or check out my collection of prayers and blessings in The Soul Garden. I hope that you learn something knew, and leave feeling a little more loved than when you arrived.

About Me

I am a writer, service worker, and queer black woman thriving in the world. All over the world. Currently based in Uganda, I love traveling and literature and coffee and chocolate and sharing my joy with everyone I can. This website exists to share everything — joys, sorrows, and a little bit of wisdom — I’ve learned from my time on earth with an audience.

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