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Taroscopes for the New Moon in Pisces

Aires Sun and Rising

Saturday’s new moon asks you to get innovative about healing. With a super-sensitive Piscean new moon in the part of your chart that houses secret suffering — vulnerabilities ignored, emotional baggage still unpacked — this week calls you to approach old wounds with new courage. Aires season is coming, so before your time to shine you need to clear out any unacknowledged pain that’s weighing your spirit down. Give your spirit space to grow. Pisces brings out the openness in all of us, the emotional receptivity. Your challenge with this new moon is to be receptive to what hurts you without becoming mired in it.

I asked the deck: how can those with Aries rising work through wounds with courage? The card I drew was the two of pentacles reversed. Especially in the reversed position, this card carries an important affirmation. We are whole no matter what. Addressing our pain will not make us less so. Our vulnerabilities are not parts of ourselves that lack. They are our tenderness. They are what make us capable of giving and receiving love. Acknowledging our vulnerabilities is not weakness. It is healing. The two of pentacles reversed helps us find balance between fully engaging with our suffering and approaching it with a clear, unattached mind. A balance between recognizing old wounds and moving past them. Courage this new moon season comes from a deep understanding that you are complete, always have been, and always will be.

Taurus Sun and Rising

This week’s new moon invites you to engage more deeply with your community. Pisces helps us to let down boundaries where they may be limiting us. It gives us the emotional receptivity we need to grow. Pisces helps us tap into the collective, helps us connect in order to create. You may find yourself surrounded by new friends who inspire you, or you may be surprised by discovering new sides of old friends. Whatever it may be, your calling with this new moon is to let your relationships affect you deeply. Lean on your support networks and allow them to lean on you. Expand your community. Open yourself up to new and various forms of love.

I asked the deck: how can those with Taurus rising allow themselves to be open to inspiration from their communities? I drew the five of wands reversed. When this card is upright, it indicates a sometimes-friendly competition between friends. Taureans are notoriously stubborn, and you may be coming from a place where instead of allowing yourself to learn from your community you were trying to insist on a position of superiority. Trying to insist on being the teacher. Always. The five of wands in the reversed position asks you to release that pride. Embrace humility. Your friends, family, and partners have a lot to teach you over the next two weeks. Give yourself space to learn and grow.

Gemini Sun and Rising

This new moon asks you to bring innovation and creativity into your work. It’s a tricky aspect for you — the new moon squares your ascendant, so there may be some conflict between doing professionalism in Pisces’ imaginative style or with Gemini’s signature intellect. Both signs are mutable, and that’s one way of saying you both like taking the long way around. But your opennesses are opposite. Gemini jumps from idea to idea in an erratic and unending intellectual quest. With Gemini, no idea goes unconsidered, whereas with Pisces, nothing goes unfelt. Pisces floats from feeling to feeling. Pisces is an emotional sponge. Sometimes, to be receptive to one discipline — one way of knowing — wee need to disengage from others. How can you embrace the creative side of your intellect? What projects might a more intuitive mindset help bring to fruition?

Question for the deck: What does Gemini need to nourish in order to embrace a more creative approach to their work? The queen of cups reversed. In tarot, cups correspond to water signs in the zodiac; that is, Pisces and its siblings. This card has everything to do with nourishment. When I see a cup reversed, I imagine pouring all of the emotional energy it contains onto something — a project, a relationship — that I’m trying to nourish. Like watering a plant. When we’re too deeply engaged with intellect, we can feel like we’re always picking our work apart. Sometimes intellect tends more towards the destructive than the constructive. The generative. The creative. Your calling in the next two weeks is to suspend criticism. Instead, nourish your work, give it love and watch it grow. Allow yourself to become emotionally invested in your project, and see what blossoms.

Cancer Sun and Rising

These next two weeks are ones of a much-needed escape from the day-to-day. The moon in dreamy Pisces trines your ascendant, helping you find innovative ways to care for yourself. How? By dreaming far. This new moon takes place in your ninth house of travel, philosophy, astrology, and everything else that fills their adventurous that feeds your spirit. This might be a good time to entertain, seriously, ideas that previously seemed fantastical. Pisces makes fantasy work. Sometimes escaping isn’t just what we do when we can’t stick it out. We leave situations when we need to. This new moon season isn’t so much about what you need to run from as it is where you need to go. Give your imagination license to run wild.

Question for the deck: how can Cancer take steps towards making reality out of day dreams? I drew the moon reversed. This tarot card is ruled by Pisces, which makes the message of the sign even more powerful. Especially when reversed, the moon asks us to dive deep into the psyche. What are fantasies you might have kept hidden from yourself? What dreams of your spirit have you neglected? This card calls you to think past superficial whims. Instead, what are deep, far-reaching, desires that you have? Start with needs unmet and build from there. How can you escape to somewhere that will meet your unacknowledged needs? Where does your soul want to run to?

Leo Sun and Rising

This new moon takes place in your eighth house fo long-term business partnerships and investments. You may have been working on something for a while now that’s sapping your energy. Something that needs to be revamped. It needs more dream behind its drive. If you’ve lost sight of the “why” behind your work, this new moon in Pisces gives you occasion to reimagine your professional commitments, either involving others or by yourself. You may be clinging to ideas surrounding your work that don’t speak to you anymore.

Question for the deck? How can Leo bring use creative energy to revitalize long-term work commitments? The Moon. This card is ruled by Pisces, so the energy of the sign is particularly important to you. This may be a very impactful new moon. When the moon appears in readings, it indicates a serious need to journey into the subconscious. What your work needs is not clear to you now. What your work needs is something you’ve not considered. If it has risen to your conscious mind, it’s likely that you pushed it aside. To keep in touch with it again, keep a dream journal. Don’t be afraid of fantasy. Every time you have a new professional idea, write it down. Embrace it. Your fleeting thoughts and day dreams are likely to be important sources of inspiration.

Virgo Sun and Rising

This new moon takes place in your house of intimate partnerships. It also squares your ascendant, so there may be some resistance to embracing the new. With imaginative Pisces ruling this area of life in your chart, the work you need to do to open yourself to the possibility of change is internal. Virgo loves manifestation, making things concrete and therefore comprehensible. But what opportunities for growth in your intimate relationships might be possible if you strayed away from pragmatism? If you didn’t dismiss your fantasies as only ideas? What desires have you kept hidden from yourself in your romantic relationships that you could get addressed?

Question for the deck: How can Virgo embrace imagination in their romantic partnerships? The lovers reversed. When this card appears, it calls us to challenge the ways in which we’ve allowed prescribed narratives of love to determine our own romantic experiences. This might mean looking closely at what desires you’ve had — sexually, romantically, even platonically — that you’ve ignored because you viewed them as unacceptable. Unconventional. Weird. These desires are often most representative of our needs, so give them the time and space they need to be expressed. Nourish them, and seek out connections in which you can explore the unexplored. New partnerships, or new contracts, in those aspects of love will prove fruitful.

Libra Sun and Rising

This new moon reminds you to love yourself with courage, tenderness, and intention. Your wellbeing recently may have gone neglected. But a new moon in Pisces in this part of your chart reminds you of emotional not-yet-scar tissue. What is almost-healed. Pisces heightens our emotional receptivity. The pain it points to shows us what wounds still need our attention. Call your energy back to your body over the next two weeks. Recognize what still hurts. Take time to quiet your mind enough to hear what your psyche is asking for. What care are you craving?

Question for the deck: where can Libra rising focus their TLC? The nine of swords. This card calls our attention to the ways in which we cause ourselves stress and pain. When it appears, it represents intense anxiety in situations that, more often than not, are in our heads. The nine of swords speaks to the need to readjust expectations and release pressure. Explore how being gentle with yourself makes you healthier, stronger, happier and more able. Most importantly, take the next two weeks to investigate your fears with tenderness. Be compassionate with the parts of yourself that are afraid, while striving away from fear. Hold space and time for yourself to heal.

Scorpio Sun and Rising

This new moon gives you permission to take pleasure in your imaginative power. Pisces trines your ascendant, and strengthens the connection between your sense of self and your creative processes. You’ll have occasion to embrace innovation in ways that you enjoy. No one else. This is not a performance for an audience or a service for a client. You will benefit by creating through joy and joy alone. There may be areas of your life that once hurt but are now healed and ready to be fodder for great creative work. Allow this. Allow yourself to revisit pain with pleasure, and see what emerges from the combination.

Question for the deck: how can Scorpio allow themselves to enjoy new creative energy? The king of swords reversed. This card is the opposite of joyful and the opposite of creative. The king of swords represents authoritarianism, intense control, and a no-nonsense attitude. When he appears in our readings, he cautions us against holding ourselves to impossible standards. He is our worst inner critic. Don’t try and impress him: it’s impossible, and he doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Release expectation and any pressure you’re putting on yourself to make your creativity marketable, or even acceptable. Embrace that parts of yourself that an authoritarian wouldn’t approve of.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising

This new moon asks us to be open and available for our family. For our friends that feel like family or the people we love and live with. If anyone you care for deeply is going through the thicket, this new moon gives you the tenderness to show up for them. Their wounds may begin to feel like your own. Embrace compassion without getting yourself hurt. You are not implicated in others’ suffering except to be there to support. This is a time when your relationships with your family can be emotionally strengthened. Your ties to home run deeper. Act on any new opportunities to deepen your family connections.

Question for the deck: how can Sagittarius take steps to change and nourish relationships with family? The star reversed. When the star is upright, it implies that we are in a time when we’re giving to and receiving from our community in equal parts. We are where we need to be. We are growing and helping people grow. When the star appears in the reversed position, it means we need to look at the ways in which we’re out of alignment of our communities. Are we giving too much? Are we taking too much? Sometimes this card symbolizing a feeling that we’re in the wrong place. This can hurt, but it shows us the ways in which we can adapt and adjust. We’re stuck with family. How can you grow with yours over the next two weeks?

Capricorn Sun and Rising

This new moon calls us to improve communication to our closest friends, siblings, and other ride-or dies. With Pisces here, you may be inspired to talk about deeper things than you cool-headed Capricorns usually are. When vulnerabilities emerge with the people who get you through your day to day, address them. Give them your full attention. And vice versa. Expect those close to you to show up, even if you see them all the time. The frequency with which we see people can become an excuse not to dedicate ourselves to deepening the relationship. This new moon moves you away from those patterns. Take advantage of Pisces’ sensitivity to anticipate your friends’ needs, and meet them. You’ll be even more of a blessing than you already are.

Question for the deck: how can Capricorn be emotionally available to people in their daily lives? The wheel of fortune reversed. This card is challenging in a lot of positions, because it indicates randomness, windfall. In this context, the wheel of fortune might mean that what starts as a casual conversation turns into an emotionally fulfilling communication. If a friend says something lightly that you think comes from a deep place of hurt, tease it out. Give them time to process. Your ability to help in these relationships will come in unanticipated moments. Be present, and see who comes to you.

Aquarius Sun and Rising

This week brings us intuitive ways to move forward our careers. We recognize our creativity as a resource. We think about the ways in which our creativity and our intuition can help us be of service to others. In what ways can we create meaningful work through innovation? Through imagination? Through radical love? We’re thinking of ways to utilize our creative energy, to manifest it into tangible products. This is likely to come outside of our day jobs, especially if we work to live and don’t live to work. We’re finding the kinds of projects that we live for, and letting them bloom.

Question for the deck: how can Aquarians make the most out of the new creative resources coming our way? The page of wands. The most important lesson for us now with this card will be accepting our youth, our inexperience. If we’re beginning a new project. We need to recognize it as just that: a beginning. We tend to want excellence and recognition immediately. But we’re just starting something. We need to be willing to put in the creative work, continually, and recognize that we’re in a new place and we still have a lot to learn. This card reminds us to be confident in our ability to create, but realistic about timelines, deadlines, expectations, and resources. We’re blessed right now with innovation, but we need to remember to put in the work to make the idea a reality.

Pisces Sun and Rising

Happy new moon in you, Pisces. Find your three-card tarot spread to help you maximize all the new moon love coming your way this season.

Rocks in the Soil 
What you need to release 
The seven of swords. This card represents dishonesty, with the self or with others. This new moon occurs in your first house of identity and body. It allows you to reexamine your sense of self. You may have grown out of some of the core beliefs that govern your identity. In this context, the seven of swords warns against clinging to old stories you’ve told yourself about who you are and what you want. In the image here, the fox hides the sword from the world and from itself. Yet the sword needs to be seen, recognized. Something new in your imagination wants to emerge. It wants to grow, reshape and reinforce your spiritual foundations. You need to make room for it. Nourish it. When it comes to sense of identity, the most common lie we tell ourselves is one of permanence. Accept that you can be both whole and multiple. Embracing the fluidity of the self is your challenge over the next two weeks.

What you need to grow 
The moon reversed. This is your major arcana card; Pisces rules the moon. And the message is triply powerful since it comes at the beginning of a new moon cycle. Surprisingly, this card is both more powerful and more positive in the reversed position. While an upright moon might indicate desires and intentions hidden from the self — a murky way forward — the moon reversed represents a deep relationship with your intuition. In this position, the subconscious has come to the surface. Your connection to your spirit is strong. You are full of light, now more than always. Let it guide you.

Likely outcome if advice is followed 
The emperor. This card is ruled by the sign following yours in the zodiac, Aires. In many ways, the emperor represents the opposite of Piscean energy: goal-oriented, unemotional, and authoritative, the emperor gets you where you want to go. This card is all about actualizing the goals we develop when we’re in more intuitive phases. Pay attention to ideas for personal projects and goals that emerge under this new moon. You’re likely to have the energy and drive to manifest them into something worthwhile. That’s all for now. Happy birthday.


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