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Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Libra — Part Two

Friday gifts us with a second full moon in Libra and the vibes are Venusian. Friday is Venus’ day; in the sky, Venus is exalted in Pisces; and the moon, of course, is in Libra, Venus’ diurnal sign. Which makes this full moon much cleaner and more simple than last month’s.

The area of your chart that contains Libra has an extra opportunity for expansion. (If you don’t remember where the last full moon fell in your chart, you can read your horoscopes for that lunar cycle below.)

Projects that you began about a month ago, like first attempts at flight, have extra wind under their wings this week. Energetically, this astrology is a loving and direct invitation to invest with deep, sincere commitment to the beauty in everything you create. Everything that you participate in is a cocreative project. Is a contract between you and the universe. Your job, your relationships, your healing. Meditate on finding gratitude for the details of the work you do. Find gratitude for the small things that bring more pleasure to your tasks. That make them lighter.

Anything that grows through Venus asks, primarily, for a surrender to sources of inspiration. Venus is the planet of love because she knows how to give into it. Is the planet of art because she knows how to make space the untamed spirit of creativity. When we work in ways that are Venusian, we create not out of a desire to claim credit, but for the joy of brining more beauty into the world. Whether you’re doing that for an audience of millions or for your own joy, take pride in what you’re bringing forth. Everything made with love is sacred. Make your magic.


Aires & Aires Rising

Everyone knows that love isn’t an outside job and yet I know that I’m not alone in taking a lifetime to understand this. To understand it not just with my mind, but with my heart and body. This full moon illuminates the progress I’ve made on the path to partnership with myself.

Mercury retrograde has me untangling the threads of my unconscious and this might have me feeling a little frayed. Dizzy. Uncertain of the ground beneath my feet. When I’m delicate as a spiderweb I make sure to surround myself with people that witness me, so as not to barge right through me. Allowing myself to go unseen in any relationship is dangerous and disrespectful to my healing. Making myself small because I don’t think other people can hold my struggles with me is not compassionate to myself, or to them.

And in the middle of this lunar cycle I recommit to compassion in all things. I choose partners who see my light even when I’m blind to it. I choose partners who hold space for my wellbeing even when that means leaving me alone. I understand that choosing myself isn’t selfish, but the medicine that I need.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

I’m okay with the slowness that comes at the beginning of something big. I know that as I put together the pieces for a meaningful life there will always be moments of difficulty and doubt. Because I understand, deep in my bones and my breath, that everything is temporary, I am able to navigate these moments with a methodological patience. With curiosity. Through investing in understanding the lessons that each problem has to offer me rather than rushing towards solution, I am able to guarantee my continued growth and deepening wisdom.

I recognize that the only way for me to invite more meaning into my experience is to infuse the little things with significance. To invest my whole spirit into morning rituals – into coffee, into meditation, into stretching just after I wake up.

Each action is complete in and of itself. As I work towards goals, I am mindful that the process of approaching them itself is sacred. Knowing this, I move away from envy and competition. I’m the only one who can do it the way that I do it. The inherent value of my work lies in this simplicity.  What I have to offer is of undeniable worth.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

 As I grow professionally, I am increasingly able to incorporate my emotional instincts and responses into my work. Having feelings about what I do and how I do it and who I serve is integral to my understanding of my own purpose. I’m allowed to cry about what I do, because I care about what I do. I’m allowed to cry about anything. Especially those projects to which I give my heart.

This Mercury retrograde might have me expressing myself in ways that my colleagues don’t know how to hold. While I recognize that professionalism is a set of oppressive, arbitrary standards dictating what – and who – is ‘acceptable’ in the workplace, I recognize my need to create containers in which my emotional response to my job can become productive. I need to create the boundaries that allow my frustration to transmute into initiative; my regret, into deeper compassion.

2019 is a moment of great professional aspirations and growth for me. To make the most of this energy, I take time this Mercury retrograde to integrate more of my soul into the expression of my purpose.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

When my aspirations are transforming in ways that I don’t yet understand, I take refuge in my resilience. I’m able to allow the goals I’m moving towards to shift because I’m grounded in the present moment. I’m able to allow the beliefs that guide me to evolve because I stay with every breath.

This Mercury retrograde has me re-envisioning my future in ways that might scare me. Recognizing the scale of my ambitions might make ignite feelings of unworthiness at first. But I let myself dream. I let my mind dwell in the abstract because I know trust that in coming cycles, I’ll naturally feel more compelled towards the concrete.

Placing limitations on my ideas when they’re still seeds is an act of cruelty towards my spirit. My spirit, which always wants to grow. Which seeks to understand and explore and to teach me new ways of living. I accept that the journey towards self-knowledge is one that never ends but only deepens. I’m willing to walk with patience and curiosity towards an uncertain destination. I’m willing to wait.

Leo & Leo Rising

 I either build relationships strong enough to hold the truth or I watch as the truth, destructive and undetected as a current underground, erodes those connections not spacious enough to support me.

I can either invest in honesty, even when it stings, or let the lies I think are little chip away at the foundations of trust upon which my friendships are – allegedly – based.

This full moon I need to friends to lean on, I decide I need to see how much of my burden my they can help to bear. I decide I need to see which friendships seem as though they might break.

People are showing me who they are all the time. I serve both myself and my friends by recognizing their limitations. By recognizing their shortcomings. And then making an informed decision as to whether or not I’d like for us to remain in partnership as we walk our paths.

Cutting people out is never cruel if it comes from this place of sincerity, from the genuine desire for the other person to live in peace and wellness.

Libra tries to smooth things over, but with all the moving and shaking that you’re up to this year, Leo, you can’t afford to waste time friend-flirting. Tell the truth, and keep those willing to hold it.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

I’ve been giving a lot of myself away this month. Some of the sacrifices I’ve made have been the offerings of support necessary to uphold my relationships. Particularly partnerships. I’m good at putting in the work, I’m good at separating facts from feelings. When I set my mind to it, I can get to the bottom of what every living being needs.

When I want to. When people show me they’re able to receive with grace and gratitude.

This full moon reminds me that I deserve to enjoy the fruits of my emotional labor. I deserve the nourishment of my own dedicated, unpretentious care. If I haven’t been attending to my own needs, if I’ve dissolved my needs, wants and desires into a partner’s, this full moon shows me why that hurts.

I’m building an alter to myself. I’m building an alter that reminds me of my worth. Because I’ve stayed forgetting it. & my ability to navigate the new astrological year depends upon my remembering.

Libra & Libra Rising

 Everything in my life is impermanent except my consciousness. Most of the time, remembering that is scary. Remembering that forces me to detach from the relationships and values that I’m, well, attached to.

But right now the rest of the world feels overwhelming. This month my life has felt exhausting to maintain – errands and emails feel Herculean. So I take the opportunity of a full moon in ~me~ to remember that this life, my time on Earth, is precious.

And that I’m in charge of making my time worthwhile. I choose what projects to dedicate my energy to, and which to retreat from. I can distance myself from my obligations without neglecting them.

This moment reminds me that I need my full attention. Everything else can pause, even if just for an hour, so that I can attend to myself. So that I can follow a few rounds of breath.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

 As I recognize the friendships that make me feel lonely, I take refuge in my inner world. I’m learning not to be ashamed of being alone. I’m learning not to be ashamed of feeling that I’m the person who understands me best. I’m learning that sometimes I’m my own best company.

The more time I spend with the deepest parts of myself, the more able I am to recognize their presence in my daily life. The more I’m able to recognize when my fear of success leads me to submit work that doesn’t reflect my talents. When my fear of intimacy impels me to build a maze around my heart.

I’m making friends with my core beliefs and with my core fears so we can understand each other just a little better. I work my way through fear not by dismissing it but by dismantling it. By learning to pause long enough to catch anxious thoughts before they weave themselves into the fiber of my consciousness.

Healing is labor that needs to be compensated. This full moon shows me that. I thank myself for what I’ve done to love myself a little better. I’m more grateful for my own care every day.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

 The astrology of the season has me renegotiating my relationship to my roots. Family ties can keep me strong or they can keep me small and, confusingly, it can be hard to distinguish one from the other. All I know is this year I’m committing to myself, and I choose the people that are willing to honor my dedication to my own growth.

When connections with my given family grow increasingly entangled, I turn to the community that I build by myself. That wasn’t given to me but gifted to me. The friends that see my vision just as clearly as I do. That believe in my potential just as passionately as I strive to. Who support me and nourish me and witness all layers and complexities of my being.

That is love. This full moon wants to fill me up with it. Wants to remind me – no, wants me never to forget – that there are people who see me. Who adore what I’m doing and how I do it and will go out of their way to support my projects.

There is always affection and tenderness for me to access. Only the source changes. I’m opening to accepting love from unexpected sources. That’s what abundance truly is. That’s what feeds my spirit.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

 My ability to be both honest and diplomatic at work this month has taken me far. Where other people get lost in the details or the politics or the drama, I stay level headed. This full moon wants to reward me for my dedication to being fair to move forward in the workplace.

I take the time I need to integrate gratitude for my success into my work routine. Full moons are times of rest and that might mean putting the laptop away when I get home. That might mean not responding to emails after hours. Being grateful for how far I’ve come means I understand I don’t have to be constantly hustling to be rewarded.

I understand that tending to my personal life is integral to my success as a human being. I don’t allow myself to fantasize that professional accomplishments are all I need. But when the good news does come through, I appreciate myself. I send myself flowers in the office. I’ve earned it. If anyone knows hard work pays off, it’s the Capricorns of the zodiac. But what we might not understand is how to show ourselves that gratitude. I commit to learning that this cycle.

 Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

I’m not afraid of the spotlight. Recent astrology has had me turning inwards, and what I present to the world this time around is energy renewed. I’ve been freeing myself from the beliefs that strangle me like vines. I’ve been nourishing the beliefs that ground me like roots. And it worked: I grew.

This full moon wants me to share the flowers of my labor. The work of healing is the work of producing art. When I’ve worked my way through a process of self-knowing, I honor the end of the journey by creating something beautiful. By writing, by drawing, by painting, by speaking with strength and compassion to a friend.

What I know, the lessons I have to share with the world, the wisdom I’ve been learning to harvest, is all produced by doing the hard work of understanding myself. The hard work of looking inside without being afraid of what I’ll find. At all.

And I’ve found protective crystals in the caves of my unconscious. They’re ready for the eyes of the outside world. I share with faith that those who know how to appreciate my work will find it.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

 These days I’m certainly not your least messy friend. Mercury retrograde in my first house of self has had me undoing and unweaving and ultimately understanding the person that I am and the person I want to be and what lies between. I’m grateful to everyone that’s supported me through this largely directionless journey. Myself included.

The full moon in Libra presents me with a well-earned period of rest. Presents me with an ending to one of the personal narratives I’ve been trying to understand. Whether I’ve been working my way through intimacy blocks, or understanding my purpose, or refurbishing friendships, this full moon presents me with the answers that I need.

My ability to receive the medicine of the moment depends on my willingness to accept the truth about a situation. Even if it feels like too much to hold. Even if it feels impossible to integrate.

The astrology of the season is one of depth, of intuition, and of processing. The moment to take action will come. For now, I let myself rest with my new and hard-earned wisdom.