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Next Steps Reading: $80

A look at the lessons and learning curves of your next cycle. This reading touches on the energies manifesting in all areas of your life — love, healing, wealth, among others — to give you a clear picture of where you’re headed and what you’re leaving behind. A year to come session is wonderful in those moments when you feel transformation trying to make its way into your life but don’t know how to create space for it. Intuitive guidance over Skype or audio file. Book here. 

Astrological Birth Chart Reading: $150

These readings are ideal for birthdays, the new year, solstices, or whenever you want to create change rooted in a deeper understanding of yourself.  My year ahead spread focuses on deepening the relationship with your spirit and nourishing emotional courage in order to embrace transformation. This reading is around a hour and can be conducted via Skype or audio file.   Book here.

*A note about my pricing: I have sliding-scale prices available for students, volunteers, and otherwise low-income clients. Those least able to pay for this kind of service are often those who would benefit most. I do not ask for proof of low-income status but know that paying full price if you are able allows me to serve those who are more vulnerable. Out of respect to those in need, please value your own honesty. Thank you.*


“Your reading and the style of delivery was excellent. I have been reading cards for almost 12 years and this is the first time I got my reading done by someone else and I am so impressed. I feel I have already learnt so much from you with this reading. I loved how you described the meaning of each card in context of relationships and tied it to the question and connected it with the other cards in the reading and at the end told the whole story and provided different possible meanings (without making them sound like either it means this or it means that). You reading was very much to the point and cohesive and connected with the heart of the question. I will definitely incorporate some of your style in my readings going forward.”  – Rohini S.

“There wasn’t a thing I disliked about this reading. Coryna, you were insightful, empathetic, and understanding. What I appreciated the most was you knowing the boundaries of your empathy, and never took a preaching tone. It felt like we collaborated on a problem together, and I really loved that approach. You interpreted the cards in a very insightful way that fit my problem. Thank you so much. This makes me very introspective and hopeful.” -Frame S.

“Coryna is a very professional reader with a wealth of knowledge about each card and the way they interconnect with each other. I have done multiple readings with her and witnessed her do numerous readings for other people, and each time I am impressed by the way she is able to give relatable and specific information in various realms of life based off of each individual card while simultaneously stringing together a larger narrative and exploring the ways that different cards work together to further personalize the experience. Coryna has the ability to provide a brief history of each card along with her own interpretation of it while also explaining its specific relevancy to one’s life, and when necessary, the way it calls forward other cards as well. She is a very thorough, well-versed tarot reader and I believe that anyone from skeptics of the occult to people deeply invested in the mystical elements of life will be satisfied and enlightened by their experience with Coryna. A reading with Coryna is truly enjoyable and, regardless of one’s personal beliefs, is an opportunity to hear valuable insight in various aspects of one’s life.”- Eve W.

“Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. You’re truly a blessing.”  -Ebony P.

“As someone with no prior experience with tarot, Coryna made the experience very accessible. She presented the participant with the different reading options, under what circumstances they would be useful, the multiple meanings or interpretations of the cards presented as well as her own interpretation for the card based on its relation to the spread. She was very open to questions along the way. The experience was very personalized and thus helpful. I really feel I have a better understanding of tarot, my reading and their relation to astrology as a result. She is clearly passionate about her work and people generally which then makes you excited for the reading and to do it again. Would 10/10 recommend working with Coryna!” – Katie T.C.

“Your spread was AMAZING and answered EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for such a prompt response and excellent reading!” – D.M.

“I really appreciated your reading. I have had a lot of readings…and this was by far the best one. All of your knowledge about tarot is amazing and so goals. (As someone who’s getting into tarot.) Also, you seem super cool, thanks so much for this again. It’s a little too accurate in the best way, needed to hear it. Thanks.” -G.

“I had the privilege of having my reading done by Lena Ifa Tarot she read with insight & accuracy. Her guidance is extremely wise gentle & soothingly empathic which gave me clarity. Her reading style is a breath of fresh air, as she uses symbology and metaphors to interpretation the cards as well as taping into the importance of imagery. I can not recommend her enough! Thank you!!”-Afro_Tarot